DAMN IT!!! I will certainly move my blog!!!!
I haven't written articles for a long time and just in few minutes ago the article I finished just vanished.........

Yes...I am busy these days in London.
And many things happened, I did have words to say but I am too lazy.

What am I doing here?
1.Studying another programme in KCL and so far enjoy it.
2.Finishing something important!
3.Learning Spanish (again) in KCL language centre.
4.Also Learning some Japanese from my housemate and Japanese dramas.
5.Going to theatres as much as I can.
6.Listen to more and more music.
In a word, I am busy enjoying the fulfilled life here in London.

1.在倫大再念另一個課程 到目前為止都覺得不錯
總之 在忙碌的享受充實的倫敦生活

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